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June 2017 - Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cat Sitter

If your cat could talk, she would tell you that a staycation at home, while you take a much-needed vacation, is ten times better than staying at a cat hotel any day! Which is why hiring a professional cat sitter to watch Fluffy in the comfort of her home, is the perfect solution!

Professional Cat Sitters Give You Peace of Mind

Professional cat sitters make a living out of making the care of your cat and your home is their top priority. They are bonded, insured, and trained in emergency first aid & Pet CPR. Many professional cat sitters have completed continuing education and received industry certifications to ensure that your precious feline and your home are well taken care of. In addition to checking in on Fluffy, a professional cat sitter will also check to make sure your home is secure and all is in working order at each visit. They collect the mail, newspaper, & and packages along with giving your house an “at home appearance” by placing out trash & recycle for pick up, rotating lights, and opening & closing curtains. They will even water your plants and feed your outdoor birds! Hiring a professional cat sitters like Barbara and her team at Creature Comforts will give you peace of mind knowing that your home, belongings, and cat are well taken care of!

Professional Cat Sitters Keep Your Cat Safe

Even the most self-sufficient felines need to be checked in on daily to ensure they are eating, using the litter box, and not getting into shenanigans while you are gone. When left alone, some cats let their curiosity get the best of them and end up in dangerous situations like closed in a closet or hanging from the mini blinds. Keeping your cat mentally stimulated and providing daily love & attention will help keep Fluffy out of harm’s way while you enjoy your vacation. Professional cat sitters take the time to learn what your cat enjoys where it is fun games and activities or just lazily snoozing while getting a chin scratch. All of here at Creature Comforts take your cat’s well-being and safety very seriously and work hard to ensure your cat is happy and healthy when you arrive home.

Professional Cat Sitters Really Care About Your Cat

A professional pet sitter considers your cat apart of their extended furry family. They take the wellbeing of your feline friend just as serious as you do. This is not just a hobby to a professional cat sitter or a side job; it is a passion and a profession. They work hard every day to ensure your cat and home, are doing well in your absence. Since a lot goes into being prepared to provide exceptional care, be ready to complete a comprehensive profile on Fluffy when signing up for service. Professional cat sitters will want to know every detail on how to appropriately care for your cat while you are away and will have forms and contracts that will need to be completed before they can care for your cat.

Let Barbara and the Creature Comforts team treat your cat like a queen while you enjoy your next vacation! Click here to check out our services page. Remember, it is important that you check all of your cat sitter’s credentials before hiring them! Professional cat sitters are not only bonded & insured; they will also have a clear background check and hold professional certifications and training certificates.

Written by Julie Gajewski, CPPS. Julie has been pet sitting and working in the veterinary industry as both a technician and hospital administrator since 1997. She is a pet business consultant and a guest blog writer for pet sitters across the world. She lives in Florida with her husband and furry children, 2 Pugs and 4 cats. You can find out more about Julie here.